Venus Series Gas Cells
Venus Series Gas Cells from Gemini are low volume, long path cells for general analytical application. Pathlengths are available from 1 meter to 6.5 meters. Volumes range from 0.5 liters to 1 liter with good optical throughput and generally outstanding path-to-volume ratios. Cell body materials are aluminum or borosilicate glass. Hardware is black anodized aluminum. Room temperature or high temperature operation up to 200 degrees centigrade. Standard cell holders for FTIR sample compartment mounting are usually provided, with purgeable transfer optics and mounting fixtures for any FTIR spectrometer available.

Venus Series Gas Cells are constructed of the highest quality materials chosen for their inertness, corrosion resistance, and compatibility as required by increasingly common and useful FTIR gas analysis applications. Cell construction is modular in principle, with interchangeable elements to promote versatility and serviceability - glass cell bodies and aluminum cell hardware can be coated with a variety of materials, nickel coated aluminum, black anodized aluminum, and FEP Teflon coated aluminum are all readily provided to user specification.

Venus Series Gas Cell
Sample line connections are made with industry-standard valves and fittings. Swagelock, Nupro, Cajon, and Whitey parts are commonly provided. Endplates can be plumbed with tapped NPT holes or VCR connections

Standard optical coatings are multi-layered dielectric bare gold, a highly durable and highly reflective surface. Alternative coatings can include protected silver, protected gold, or aluminum coatings.

Venus Series gas cells can be supplied in fixed optical alignment, or with a variable optical pathlength. Cell volumes range from 0.5 liters to 1 liter; pathlengths from 1 to 8 meters. Venus cells are an excellent choice for sub-ppm level gas analysis in FTIR spectrometers where high optical throughput and a moderately long pathlength are required.

The most economically priced Venus series gas cells are meant for fixed path room temperature operation, but other Venus configurations are supplied complete with heaters and temperature controllers for high temperature operation up to 200 degrees centigrade.