Saturn Series Gas Cells
Saturn Series Multi-Pass cells from Gemini are Research-grade long path gas cells from 50 meters to 200 meters or more. Custom transfer optics and mounting hardware for center-focus or side port use on spectrometer systems are provided. An innovative advancement of the White optical configuration for long-long path length effectively triples the operational range of the instrument inside a moderate size cell volume. This provides path lengths in excess of 100 meters that can produce a strong IR signal throughput for trace level detection.
Saturn Series Gas Cells
Saturn Series Multi-Pass cells from Gemini are Research-grade long path gas cells from 50 meters to 100 meters or more. Constructed from materials that are chosen for their chemically inert and corrosion resistant properties, the Saturn Series gas cells are ideal accessories for long-long pathlength studies of ambient air pollution or trace gas analysis in the ppb range.

Black anodized aluminum hardware is featured as the primary material for the cell parts. A pyrex glass cell body can be substituted with Quartz, Aluminum, or other materials, which can be protected by a variety of coatings like FEP or nickel plating to prevent reactions on the cell chamber walls or prevent adsorption of trace gases.

Saturn Gas Cell
Long Path Spectrum
Mars Cell with Heater Saturn Series Gas Cells use an innovative modification of the standard White Cell optical design. Using two pairs of retro-reflecting mirrors attached to the field mirror, the available pathlength in the volume of the cell is effectively tripled by creating six rows of infrared images across the field, making very long pathlengths for high-sensitivity studies.
Custom transfer optics and mounting hardware are provided for center-focus FTIR instruments, but systems are also provided for side port use or in custom optical configurations for optimized performance at long pathlength. Standard optical coatings are protected silver, a highly durable surface which offers the superior reflectivity necessary for studies at the longest pathlengths. Saturn Transfer Optics
Saturn Fitting Endplate Sample line connections are made with industry-standard valves and fittings. Swagelock, Nupro, Cajon, and Whitey parts are commonly provided. Endplates can be plumbed with tapped NPT holes or welded VCR connections. Systems can be configured for high pressure or high vacuum application. User-programmable temperature control and pressure monitoring options are available.

Mars Cell with Heater