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FTIR Gas Analysis Solutions


FTIR is one of the fastest-growing segments of the burgeoning analytical technologies industries. Previously relegated to being tinkered with in atmospheric chemistry laboratories and within research organizations, FTIR gas analysis has come to revolutionize the way science and industry provide vital chemical and environmental data.

FTIR spectrometers are available throughout the world from a number of quality manufacturers in several different countries. Among these manufacturers are PERKIN-ELMER (United Kingdom), BRUKER (Germany), Thermo-Fisher NICOLET, VARIAN Digilab, ABB/Bomem, and MIDAC (United States), also SHIMADZU, JEOL, and JASCO, (Japan) and others. Gemini Spectral Sciences gas sampling accessories are fit to any infrared spectrometer, in order to provide a gas sampling device of the highest quality, performance, and suitability for the users application and technical requirements.

Any FTIR spectrometer used for gas measurements requires a gas sample cell to provide optical transmittance through the sample. It is necessary to provide a cell with specifications appropriate to the unique circumstances determined by each separate application. Measurement sensitivity is determined by trade offs between many factors. Among these are pathlength (base optical path x number of passes), reflectivity, f/number, image size, detector noise and spectral resolution. To cope with an increasingly demanding need for an analytical accuracy, speed, and specificity, simple and effective solutions are provided to meet a wide range of user needs.

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Successful Solutions Through
Quality, Innovation, and Customer Service

Gemini Spectral Sciences provide the full spectrum of FTIR gas analysis instrumentation. Internationaly recognized as the leading manufacturer of long path gas absorption cells and related equipment, Gemini has a reputation for quality unmatched by its competitors.

Manufacturing a wide range of gas sampling accessories to meet virtually any analytical need, The Gemini Mission is to provide successful solutions through a lifelong commitment to Quality, Innovation, and Customer Service.

Cells are provided in many combinations of pathlengths and volumes from a variety of cell hardware and optical materials. For any sampling requirement or instrument interface, Gemini has the experience and expertise to provide a high quality solution at an economical price. Long Path Gas Cells from Gemini are known for their simple and elegant design, providing both rugged utility and easy servicability. A long history of excellent customer service has been a hallmark of our efforts.

Gemini Spectral Sciences hardware is also enhanced by innovative and insightful applications software, gas measurement services, and provides valuable consultations to industry partners and end users. Systems are provided to bring significant value added to either bench top instruments or fully integrated on-line FTIR gas analyzers.